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The approach for this website was to reflect the modelesque nature and branding of the client. It employs elements commonly found on models’ personal portfolios. Full use was made of the client’s professional photos, highlighting her brand and her appeal.

Make sure to check both the desktop and mobile versions of the site. Simply visit the link on your laptop/desktop and phone to see the differences on each platform.


For this site, our focus was to create a modern interpretation of the classic style Nadine embodies and posses. Her distinctive mid-century appeal is embodied by the use of dark colours on a bright white contrast, eliciting themes and motifs found in 50s fashion magazines. Maintaining our philosophy on minimal and intuitive design languages, we developed a classic look that is ageless today.


Sienna’s site is bright, simple and beautifully written. The navigation in hidden on the desktop site to contribute to a uninterrupted experience. All elements that do not serve a pragmatic purpose were excluded, creating a clean and approachable experience. Details and stylized drawings also follow the minimal and friendly design language, creating a unique experience which reflects the client’s personality and charm.


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Naturally, not everyone is comfortable with his/her websites being linked and showcased. Thus, if you would like to review the entire portfolio, please contact us so that your requests can be accommodated.